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Advantage of Our  Secured Credit MasterCard®

Our low cost secured credit card Just $20.00 plus $5.00 shipping offers online banking, direct deposit, and the ability to share funds with other cardholders within the network. Funds on the US  Secured Credit Mastercard® are FDIC insured. Every time you add funds your card your credit limit goes higher. This is a  secured credit card that you can only spend what funds are preloaded on your card.  The funds you add to your card is your credit limit, as you add more funds to your card the higher your credit limit is reported to credit bureaus. This raises your FICO score


Cardholder Fee

ATM Withdrawal $2.00
POS Purchase $0.00
Balance Inquiry $0.00
Online Statement $0.00
FX Conversion Fee 2.75%
Load/Deposit $0.00
Card-To-Card Transfer $1.50
Monthly Fee
(Account Maintenance & Credit Management)
Card/eWallet Activation, Credit Management & Reporting set-up
(One-time fee paid by cardholder from card balance)

Cardholder Benefits

1. Enjoy the benefits of a credit card, a travel card, a general spending card, a remittance card, and a high capacity Limit account.
2. Up standing citizens in most countries are guaranteed to qualify for the secured credit MasterCard.
3. Building & enhancing credit because the account balance does not go negative.
4. A secured credit card used for emergencies and to store savings - Each card can have up to $90,000 plus credit line (card balance limit) with proper KYC.
5. Additionally, unlimited secured credit can be attained without an  credit application.
6. ATM withdrawals, purchases at merchants & online everywhere accepting MasterCard.
7. Benefiting purchases with credit card (versus holds on debit cards for some transactions)
8. Ways of loading funds onto the card - Cash loading at retail outlets (where applicable), loading from credit & debit cards and transfer from bank accounts.
9. Remittance & Funds Transfer - Transfer funds to bank accounts, to another credit card and to a recipient for cash pickup in multiple countries.
10. Mobile & eCommerce transactions & cardholder identities can be cardholder-indentity-protected by Stressfree Payroll Wallet.

Client Group Benefits

1. Participate in residual commission revenue, which can grow exponentially and significantly.
2. Card can be rapidly co-branded at reasonable cost.
3. Feeling good by helping people meeting credit needs.
4. Helping to promote current business and attain customer loyalty and retention.
5. It can be sold online, and mass media promoted.
6. Commissions in selling other products on Stressfree Payroll platform.
7. Making money multiple ways even while sleeping.
8, New Business Entry with little upfront investment and with rapid ROI.
9. Business expansion worldwide without investing in physical outlets.

**Please consult your cardholder agreement included on the back of your card. Other cardholder fees may apply.

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