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International Card Fees MasterCard®


Cardholder Fee

ATM Withdrawal $2.00
POS Purchase $0.00
Balance Inquiry $0.00
Online Statement $0.00
FX Conversion Fee 2.75%
Load/Deposit $0.00
Card-To-Card Transfer $1.50
Monthly Fee
(Account Maintenance & Credit Management)
Card/eWallet Activation, Credit Management & Reporting set-up
(One-time fee paid by cardholder from card balance)

Cardholder Benefits

1. Enjoy the benefits of a Payroll card, a travel card, a general spending card, a remittance card, and a high Capacity Limit account.
2. ATM withdrawals, purchases at merchants & online everywhere accepting MasterCard or Unionpay (based on Program)
3. Ways of loading funds onto the card - Cash loading at retail outlets (where applicable), loading from bank accounts.
4. Remittance & Funds Transfer - Transfer funds to bank accounts and other recipiants in-network
5. Mobile & eCommerce transactions & cardholder identities can be cardholder-indentity-protected by Stressfree Payroll Wallet.

Client Group Benefits

1. Participate in residual commission revenue, which can grow exponentially and significantly.
2. Card can be rapidly co-branded at reasonable cost.
3. Buil Business Entry with little upfront investment and with rapid ROI.
4. Business expansion worldwide without investing in physical outlets.

**Please consult your cardholder agreement included on the back of your card. Other cardholder fees may apply.