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US Domestic

Financial Allies in Your Business or Personal Life

Overcome your financially based fears with easy, affordable, and powerful payroll cards. StressFreeMoney's selection of Secured credit cards helps business owners and private individuals find financial stability in today's economy. Order your card today to see how it can benefit you, or contact us to request more information about our complete Secured Credit and Prepaid Card programs.

Payroll Cards for Consumers (Global)

Our payroll cards offer powerful financial services for employers who do not use traditional banking. Or use in addition to your major bank card for payroll, paying bills, buy groceries, car payments, online shopping, use anywhere Mastercard® is accepted.
StressFreeMoney, LLC provides a payment vehicle and solution for companies that need to pay disbursements, payroll, commissions, and similar payments to individuals.
StressFreeMoney, LLC can provide you with an efficient and stress-free way to manage domestic  and International payouts through:

  • Prepaid cards for commissions payouts
  • Domestic and International Top UP and Money Transfers
  • Set up direct deposit, which is more convenient than carrying cash and allows cardholders to make online purchases, pay bills, and manage their money
  • FDIC approved through the cards issuing bank
  • Cash Loading (MoneyGram and Western Union Worldwide)
  • Additional features Card-to-Card, Bank-to-Card, Mobile Ready, additional loading locations
  • Loading from Debit/Credit Cards, and Bank Transfer Loading
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Business Professionals

Sign up for Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit (US ONLY) allows you to have all or part of your paycheck, benefits payments, or tax refund electronically loaded to your Prepaid Mastercard® Card. There is no fee to enroll in Direct Deposit, and with it you could receive your payroll or government benefits up to two days sooner. Always Setup text alerts. No more waiting in lines to cash or deposit your check.

After you order your card, you will receive the Direct Deposit Authorization form on the bottom of the cardholder agreement. Please submit the form to your company's HR department.

For Business Owners

Order payroll, commission, referral, cards when you sign up for our program. This is a complete, turnkey system.
As a business owner, you can enhance your affiliates and empower your staff by giving them the perfect alternative from the traditional bank account enabling you to disburse incentives, commission bonuses or payments via our MasterCard®  Secured Credit Cards -instantly and conveniently online or via mobile.
Added Value:
1. Freedom from daily check processing
2. Administrator Console with an online access, Dashboard and API setup
3. Ability to enroll cardholders and disburse funds to them online and in real-time, Bulk ordering, Bulk Loading, Bulk KYC validation
4. Secure transactions enabled by Mastercard®
5. Ability to track your expenses and payroll to the “general-use-card”
Our StressFreeMoney cards are perfect for paying independent contractors, temp workers, and sales commissions for corporate disbursements. Our proprietary and flexible solutions streamline corporate disbursements, record-keeping of payment activity and compliance with tax reporting requirements.

Complete application page as a new Domestic business owners

StressFreeMoney | Business Application:
Our team has created a fast and simple way to submit your business documentation allowing us to streamline and process your account in just a few days.

Step1 - Simply fill in the boxes below with the appropriate information so that we can collect your Company basic information.

Step2- After we collect basic information and attach a copy of your business’s Articles of Organization or Incorporation by emailing us at customer@stressfreemoney.com subject line: “(Your company) – New Business Documents”.

To apply for a Business Account, fill out the form below and a representative will contact you shortly.
*A copy of Articles of Organization -or- Articles of Incorporation will be required

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