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Global Financial Transactions Made Easy

StressFreeMoney offers an international-branded, Stored Value Card (SVC) program. It provides a payment vehicle and solution for companies that need to pay disbursements, payroll, commissions, and similar payments to individuals throughout the world. It is a global or UK only, multicurrency program, with the issuing bank located globally or in the UK.  All deposits related to loads conform to a "good funds" model and are wired directly to the bank. Funds are never held in a third party's account to eliminate any potential risk to the depositor. All loads are originated by the corporate sponsor. AML and KYC policies and procedures are similar to those found in the US.


• Higher usage limit up to $20,000.
• The cardholder website is available in 4 languages language (English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean). (balance check, transaction history check, money transfer to another i-Use card, report loss and stolen, change access code, mobile number, e-mail address etc.)
• The mobile APP available in 2 languages (balance check, transaction history check, report loss and stolen, etc.)
• 3rd line available for card holder name within 20 digits (blank space included)

The setup period: None.
We issue the card upon the order. the card will be delivered in 4 weeks depending on the order 

Includes: KYC Check
Individual Cardholder order Link for individual cardholder orders Corporate account Bulk orders.

We offer a Black Visa card for US $ only - Issued in the EEA or UK Region Only

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Black Visa Card FAQ

We also offer Euro/US you can order a personal or corporate I-account card
*corporate accounts can load personal account for your Corporate e-wallet

Grey Euro/US$ Mastercard

iAccount FAQ

Visa Black Card

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i-use Card


Personal i-Account

This account/card will allow you to send funds to other bank accounts and cards worldwide
Are the required details complete?
To open a personal i-Account, please submit a clear color copy of the following documents in respective proof of identity and proof of address.
This could either be done by scanning the document or by taking a high-resolution digital photograph.
1. Proof of identity document(valid for at least 3 months from date of this application)
• Driver's license (Front and back)
• Passport (pages showing photo and personal particulars)
• Resident Card/National Identity card (Front and back)
• Government-issued photo ID (Front and back)

2. Proof of address document(dated not older than 3 months from the date of this application)

• Bank Statement or credit card statement that includes your name (Any on-line bank statement print out NOT acceptable)
• Utility bill (Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone) that includes your name
• Tax bill that includes your name
• Driver's license (Front and back, valid for at least 3 months from date of this application)
• Resident Card/National Identity card(Front and back, valid for at least 3 months from date of this application)

*You will be required to scan and upload minimum any 1 (one) of the above documents.

Corporate i-Account Application

Our team has created a fast and simple way to submit your business documentation allowing us to streamline and process your account in just a few days.
Step1- Simply fill in the boxes below with the appropriate information

Step2 - Email an attached copy of your business’s Articles of Organization or Incorporation to  info@stressfreemoney.com subject line: “(Your company) – New Business Documents”.

To apply for a Corporate i-Account , fill out the form below and a representative will contact you shortly.
*A copy of Articles of Organization -or- Articles of Incorporation will be required