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Stressfreemoney has entered into partnership agreement with a national payroll services company that can provide for your payroll services needs nationwide.

Payroll Services to be provided:

1.Calculate and print checks or create direct deposit all Net Pay amounts as required.

2.Impound and deposit tax payments for Federal and one State.

3.Create and file all payroll tax flilings for Federal and one State.

4.Provide via internet reports,copies of tax filings and paystubs.

5.Perform additional services,s needed, at the ancillary pricing.

Payroll  Solutions for a Modern Business

From covering expenses to giving Incentives, Payroll, Commission, Referrals

We'll help you get payments for your business covered

Manage your Team's Expenses-Deliver prepaid cards that you can fund, control, and track—all with a touch of a button.

Email recipient can choose between virtual or physical card. If recipient has a reloadable card account, the card is instantly loaded.

  • Each Client will have one Primary Account to Many Cardholder/Agent/Sales Sub-Accounts with Virtual and/or Physical card options
  • Client as the Primary Cardholder must be an owner or principal of Company and an unlimited guarantor for all activities on the Card Account (whether originating from the Primary Card or a Secondary Card)

  • Card-to-card transfer in network, API setup availble


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If you would like a list of fees ,please requested at info@stressfreemoney.com.