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 Secured Credit Cards for Business or Personal Needs

 Secured Credit Cards for Business or Personal Needs

 Secured Credit Cards for Business or Personal Needs

 Secured Credit Cards for Business or Personal Needs

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Offering a low cost US and International  Secured Credit MasterCard® as a Smarter Way to Handle Your Money.

 SFM Vertical Card

StressFreeMoney, offers a low cost secured credit MasterCard® with no annual fee and no APR, for both the Domestic US and International market.

What credit card is in your wallet? What is your annual fee ? What is your APR?

Our Secured Credit MasterCard® helps corporations and individuals pay bills online, shop and travel wherever, and reap the benefits of direct deposit, card to card transfers, your bank account to card transfers. In addition, StressFreeMoney can provide a payment vehicle and solution for companies to provide scheduled or immediate payments of commission, referral fee, payroll and other compensation which needs to be paid to employees.

The cards are smart-chip enabled, feature mobile-ready solutions for both Android and Apple phones, and can be set up for direct deposit, which is a more convenient way to manage your money. Contact us today to learn more about our secure credit MasterCard® and if is the right choice for you.

No SSN or ITIN Required to get a card, but SSN is needed to report to the credit agencies

For our corporate clients we can custom design a card program for your company needs. Custom wallets, bulk Top ups, bulk ordering, co-branded, instant issue are some of the options available.

We Offer

Virtual Cards, Domestic US Cards, International Cards.

Our Secured Credit MasterCard® are unlike most secured credit cards that requires a deposit of $200-$300 to get a card. We offer for the US market a  secured credit MasterCard® for just $20 plus $5.00 shipping. This card allows you to establish or rebuild your credit. This card  reports to the credit bureaus and improves your FICO credit score. The more funds you add and spend the higher your credit limit is reported to the credit agencies.

Example: if you load $1,000 USD every month to your own SFM Secured Credit MasterCard for 12 months straight your credit limit is $12,000 that is report to the credit agencies as your credit limit. If you have $100.00 on your card, the different of $12,000 from $100.00 improves your FICO score.

We offer for the International market this low cost secured credit MasterCard® for $35.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

Top ups can be done at MoneyGram, Western Union, OXXO, or other loading methods.Top up centers are available worldwide.

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Contact StressFreeMoney today at 1 (833) 308-5160  for more answers to your questions about our Secured Credit cards. You can always call to discuss further.

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