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About Us

StressFreeMoney is a certified minority-owned business with over 30 years of combined Financial Services experience. We provide Domestic and International payroll services via direct deposit on Debit cards, Payroll Cards. We provide approved by MasterCard or Discover customized Pre-Paid Debit cards for your Business and Personal needs. Gift Card orders and Secure cards are available which report to all three Credit agencies.

Sandra K. Lewis, CEO, Biography  

Sandra K Lewis has over 15 years of financial industry experience managing global project of 40 to 50 team members for end-to-end deployment for some of the largest Global and Bank mergers.

Sandra K. Lewis as a project manager has established a solid base of expertise in developing IT Governance and Risk Management programs and Card Programs within various Financial Services organizations:

  • Management of complex Card projects spanning multiple teams and global locations to ensure delivery of cost-effective, high performance technology and business solutions to meet evolving enterprise needs;

As the ecommerce industry continues to grow, companies are searching for innovative payment solutions to enhance their competitive edge. This increased pressure from organizations seeking financial and business solutions has spawned the birth of one of the most versatile industries in recent years; the prepaid card market.

With the StressFreeMoney flexibility of both the program and card design, prepaid card solutions are restructuring business models worldwide, increasing employee satisfaction and offering customer incentives like never before.

The tightening economy has pushers of prepaid cash cards circling a growing market that's without bank accounts and credit cards.

"There are going to be more people pulling out of the traditional banking system. Such cards are essentially serving as portable bank accounts for the unbanked and underbanked -- about 80 million in this country -- as well as millions more who have lost their credit cards in the crunch but still want plastic for convenience.”

Underserved consumers have about $1 trillion annual income and pay about $1 billion each year in check-cashing fees.

StressFreeMoney - Innovative Card Solutions

As CEO of StressFreeMoney, I promise you that we offer an extensive range of financial and business solutions through our renowned prepaid cards. With extensive experience in the financial industry, StressFreeMoney is the leading organization offering uniquely tailored ecommerce and business solutions, servicing a variety of industries from across the globe. StressFreeMoney defines itself through its commitment to the development, implementation and execution of flexible card programs, unique card design and expert functionality.

StressFreeMoney takes a comprehensive approach to maintaining its prepaid card programs. Some of the benefits you will receive from partnering with StressFreeMoney include:

  • Comprehensive consultation services
  • Professional marketing services, including personal account management
  • Inclusive distribution, activation and cancellation services
  • 24 hours investigations and fraud monitoring
  • 24 hour card holder support services
  • Data reporting
  • Fully customizable card designs and Co-branding options
  • Customer loyalty program development and maintenance  
  • Rebate programs
  • Interactive card holder accounts
  • Works with your current direct deposit system
  • Easy payroll card for employees to use
  • Accepted everywhere ATM cards are used
  • No more check cashing store fees
  • Access your cash anywhere ATM cards are accepted
  • Manage your account online
  • Everyone over 18 accepted (or request a Teen Card)


The StressFreeMoney team possesses a strong compliance department that works closely with our issuing banks to ensure that all of the StressFreeMoney products are compliant with all applicable banking regulations (BSA/AML, USA PATRIOT Act, Reg E, Privacy Regulations, etc). In addition, The StressFreeMoney team stays current with this dynamic area of regulation.

The StressFreeMoney team works closely with each order and client to ensure that all of our product orders and deployment strategies are compliant with applicable regulations at the time of ordering, launch and throughout the life of your individual or payroll card program.